Solutions to Common Cut File Problems

Please note: We cannot offer support for problems with cutting machines or cutting machine program settings. We can only offer support for problems with the actual files (download issues, missing files, corrupted files, etc.). If these tips on how to fix common cut file problems don’t help (and the problem doesn’t have to do with our files), then you may want to visit a forum or ask for help in a Facebook group.

1. I received several different files in my purchase. Which ones can I use with my cutting machine?

Cricut- Use the SVG files in Cricut Design Space (free online program).

Silhouette- Silhouette Studio: Basic Edition (free program) allows you to use DXFs, but not SVGs. You can use both DXFs and SVGs in Silhouette Studio: Designer Edition (paid program).

*Note: You can use PNGs with both the Cricut and Silhouette, but a PNG isn’t a cut file. As a result, you’d have to trace it in your program before being able to use it. For easier use, choose to use an actual cut file (SVG or DXF).

2. I can’t see the files/they won’t open anywhere.

Make sure to extract all files from the ZIP folder (AKA “unzip” the folder) before trying to view/use them.

3. Clicking on a SVG file in the folder opens it in my web browser.

This is how SVGs open by default. To use them in your program, go to your program and import/upload the SVG you want to use.

4. I have a Silhouette, and am having importing issues.

Go to Edit- Preferences- Import Options. Turn on the following for both DXF and SVG: “Fit to Page,” “Make White Lines Black,” and “Join Lines Into Polylines.”

5. I can’t see my imported file in Silhouette Studio.

Your image is likely imported, but is just very small or off the mat. To fix this, zoom out as far as possible. Then select everything (Ctrl + “A”). When you find the design, scale it up or move it onto the mat as necessary. To keep this from happening again, go to Edit- Preferences- Import Options. Turn on the following for both DXF and SVG: “Fit to Page,” “Make White Lines Black,” and “Join Lines Into Polylines.”

6. I have Silhouette Studio: Designer Edition, but can’t cut an SVG.

You need to turn on the cut lines. Select your image, click the “Cut Settings” icon (in the upper right), and change the cut style from “No Cut” to “Cut.”

7. The DXF files don’t look like the product preview images.

SVG files are preferred to DXF files for this very reason. In Silhouette Studio DXF files get imported as outlines with no layers or colors. In Cricut Design Space DXF files get imported as black with layers.

8. My SVG file imported, but looks strange/pieces are missing.

Likely some of the layers imported as transparent, hidden, or all of them are the same color. To fix this, select all of the elements (Ctrl + “A”) then change the fill color to transparent. This should reveal any hidden layers. Now that everything is visible, you may continue editing.

9. I can’t get Cricut Design Space to open.

Design Space uses the the Adobe Flash plugin, so you need to make sure your browser is allowing the plugin to run. Chrome doesn’t like Flash and tends to block it by default, so you may have to go into your settings and allow it. It may be easier just to use Design Space in Firefox.

10. I uploaded my images to Design Space, but the editing window didn’t appear

You need to select the images in Design Space (they’ll be highlighted green with a green check mark) and then click the “Insert Images” button that activates.

11. I’m having trouble cutting out the design because of small elements.

If you’re using a design with small elements, the best way to avoid problems is to cut the design out larger (so the elements are not so small). Also, I highly recommend using a feature like Cricut’s Print Then Cut for multicolored and/or detailed designs.

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