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I thought these were digital products. Why am I being asked for my address?

How will I receive my digital purchase?


I see you have a mobile site. Can I download my purchases on mobile?

Do my download links expire/have a download limit?

I need a new download link because I lost my link, my computer broke and I lost all my files, etc.


Do you accept returns/issue refunds?



How do I print a PDF?

I'm having trouble printing from a Dropbox bundle.

Bullet Journals

How do I put your printables together to make a bullet journal?

Clipart and Cut Files

I see your graphics come in several file formats. What file format do I need?

I'm having trouble with my SVG/DXF cut file.

Printable Planner Stickers

How do I print digital stickers?

Where can I find sticker paper?

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