Free Printable Hourly Anxiety Tracker

Free Printable Hourly Anxiety Tracker

Why You Should Track Your Anxiety by Hour + Free Printable.

Like a lot of people these days, I have anxiety. But what I've found is that it never stays at the same level. And not only do I have good days and bad days, but I also have good hours and bad hours! I used to never know why my anxiety fluctuated during the day, until I started tracking it by hour. The results were very insightful, and with this Free Printable Hourly Anxiety Tracker you can study your anxiety, too!

Free Printable Hourly Anxiety Tracker

Anxiety is a tricky thing, as the causes and triggers of it vary so much from person to person. But if you use this free printable hourly anxiety tracker you'll get a much better picture of what exactly is affecting your anxiety throughout the day. You can get an even clearer picture of your anxiety with the other trackers and worksheets in our anxiety planner bundle.

But before we continue, a disclaimer- I'm not a mental health professional. This tracker should not be used as a replacement for therapy and/or medication. But it certainly could be something interesting to fill out and bring in to discuss with your therapist!

Free Printable Hourly Anxiety Tracker

Tracking your anxiety is very easy to do, and has a lot of benefits. To track your anxiety, just scroll down to the link below to get your free printable hourly anxiety tracker. Print that out, then keep it wherever you can access it easily. On days when I'm home most of the day, I keep the letter size version by my desk. When I'm out, I print out a smaller size and fold it up to put in my purse. Since this free printable anxiety tracker comes in 4 sizes, you can also likely find a size that would fit your planner or binder.

Then throughout the day, when you feel like your anxiety is getting worse or better, take a moment to rate it on the tracker and write a few notes about why you think it's changed. It's okay if you miss a couple hours. You can either fill them in based on what you think you've been feeling, or leave them blank.

So how exactly does this benefit you? Here's what I found:

  • You discover triggers. Maybe you always feel more anxious after talking with a certain person. Or maybe you feel worse after spending time on social media. Or maybe your anxiety just always peaks at night. Sometimes anxiety triggers are subtle, small things that you wouldn't otherwise notice if you weren't paying attention.
  • You can compare with other trackers. For example, I also use our printable weather trackers. And I've found that my anxiety levels are generally higher on rainy days.
  • You can find out what helps. It's also important to take note of times when you feel calmer. Did a cup of chamomile tea help? Did you feel better after taking a bath? Did you get a new essential oil blend that calmed you down? Some anxiety aids have subtle results, and it's only by tracking your anxiety levels that you can spot them.

So if you want to see how your anxiety rises and falls throughout the day, you need to get our free printable hourly anxiety tracker!

Free Printable Hourly Anxiety Tracker

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Enjoy the free printable!

What other planners and trackers help you to keep tabs on your anxiety?

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