Whole Shop Printable Planner Stickers Bundle

All the printable planner sticker products in the Digital Download Shop- with free updates! Trackers, decorative elements, functional stickers, and much more are included in this huge bundle. And yes, this means everything available now and in the future in the Digital Download Shop's printable planner sticker section (https://thedigitaldownloadshop.com/collections/planner-stickers) is included in this product. So you're getting a ton of printable stickers, plus saving tons of money! Your purchase includes a PDF with a link to the files on Dropbox.

Note that updates happen as new products are released, and there is no official release schedule. There may be several months between updates.

▶ YOUR PURCHASE INCLUDES: 104 products! The printable stickers come in the following formats:

- high-res 8.5 x 11" JPG sticker sheets
- 8.5 x 11" PDFs

Some (not all) products also have one or both of these additional formats:

- high-res PNG sticker sheets (with transparent backgrounds)
- SVG sticker sheets

Due to differences in monitors and mobile device screens, the colors may appear slightly different when printed.

License: Personal Use Only

*Disclaimer: While I don't expect anything to happen, for disclaimer purposes I do need to mention that The Digital Download Shop does not guarantee that access to these files will exist indefinitely. Something could happen to the shop or to Dropbox and cause temporary or permanent removal of access to the files (in which case, this listing would be deactivated as well). The Digital Download Shop will not notify you of this change, so it is your responsibility to download the files you want when they are available. But again, this is just a worst case scenario disclaimer.

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▶ ANXIETY STICKERS DISCLAIMER- I am not a medical/mental health professional. This product is not meant to be used, nor should it be used, to treat/cure any medical/mental health condition. For diagnosis or treatment of any medical or mental health problem, please contact your physician or a licensed mental health professional. If you are experiencing a crisis, please use your country's emergency services phone number (like 911 in the United States) to seek help. The Digital Download Shop and Savanna Williams are not liable for any damages resulting from the improper use of this product.